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Detached Latissimus Dorsi Muscle

and with that excruciating diagnosis, Jake Peavy’s season comes to an end.  This is obviously a severe blow to the club.  Anyone that has watched this team knows that it’s strength is the rotation, and while he got off to a very bad start, Peavy was rounding into form in his last several starts.

The team still has four strong starting pitchers, and now we will see what Mr. Hudson can do.

Meanwhile the team keeps on winning, beating the Halos in the game in which Peavy was injured, and again last night behind a strong outing from Freddy Garcia.


Ten Games!

The Sox have turned inconsistency into consistency.  The strength of the team that we projected in February – the starting pitching – has come through with extraordinary efforts.  Even Freddy Garcia is pitching well.  Combined with timely hitting from Andruw Jones, Alex Rios, and Konerko, the team is doing incredibly well.  And this is occuring all while their offensive wunderkind Beckham & Quentin are scuffling.

I refuse to look beyond the next game, but this is certainly making for an entertaining June.

On a side note, I quietly mutter about the lack of attention that the Sox receive relative to their northside brethren.  But when that attention revolves around the insanity of Carlos Zambrano, I am more than happy to sit quietly and continue to pile up wins.


Are We For Real?

About the time that I am about to go into full blown training camp preparation, the Sox decide that they might know a thing or two about playing baseball.  So, here we sit on the 19th of June having won eight of our last ten, and only five and a half out, while our dear friends, the Twins, have gone five hundred over that same stretch.

Interleague play and series against the Cubs, Pirates, and Nats have certainly helped the cause.  But the starting pitching has been very strong, with suprisingly strong performances from Freddy Garcia and Gavin Floyd.

As with everything that happens with the Sox – at least in the eyes of their fans –  there is a dark cloud on the horizon.  Jake Peavy had fluid drained from his throwing shoulder, and in spite of that will start tonight having talked Ozzie out of putting him on the DL.

The positive spin on this is that the team has done well in recent weeks in spite of Peavy, not because of him.  On the other hand – we are most certainly going to need his arm down the stretch. 

At the moment – Peavy has gone five innings with four strikeouts.  Let’s hope

Dirtbags Win

The Sox beat the Tigers this afternoon with strong outings from Freddy Garcia, J.J. Putz and “gulp” the offensive combination of Juan Pierre, Alexei Ramirez, and Carlos Quentin.

One of the defining features of a not so good team is lack of consistency, and the Sox this year have certainly shown themselves to be inconsistent.

That said, it’s still May, and we are still within ten games of the Twins.  If, if, IF we can get some consistent play from Juan, Alexei, and Carlos to match up with the play we have seen so far this year from Rios, Andruw, and Paulie….this could still be a team that wins the division.

We cannot, however, afford to keep digging a deeper hole.  CAN NOT!

Position Battles

The boys come together at Camelback Ranch on Sunday afternoon.  They can’t get started a moment too soon.  Real winter weather in the Midwest and financial distress have made this winter insufferable.  So let’s play ball.

Quite happily, 4/5 of the rotation and all of the starting field positions appear to be set heading into spring.  There only seem to be three significant  roster battles:

DH – With the potential Damon signing looming in the background, we appear headed to a “DH by committee” plan which will primarily include Andruw Jones and Mark Kotsay.  Earlier in his career A. Jones was an absolute stud for the Braves.  If he can get his body right and find some of that magic, it would be outstanding for the Sox.  That’s what this Sox fan is hoping for!

Fourth Bench Spot – Castro (Flowers needs to go to Charlotte to work on his defensive game), Kotsay, Jones, and Vizquel appear to be locks for bench spots, which leaves the need for another infielder, IMO.  As happened last spring, this appears to be a battle between Nix and Lillibridge.  Unless Lillibridge shows some real maturity at the plate, which he clearly lacked last year, this seems to be Nix’s job to lose.

Fifth Starter – Garcia and  Hudson appear to be the main combatants here.  I suspect that Garcia will get the spot because of his experience and his relationship with Ozzie.  Frankly, I’d prefer that Hudson return to Charlotte to get a consistent spot in their rotation.  Regardless of who fills this spot, I am thrilled not to have to be worried about the health and wellbeing of Jose Contreras and Bartolo Colon anymore!

The bullpen will be some combination of Jenks, Putz, Thornton, Linebrink, Randy Williams, Pena, Dolsi, Carlos Torres, and Nunez.  I have a hard time getting a good read on this, but there should be enough talent there to carry us into the regular season, and if not, “Coop will fix ’em!”

THIS JUST IN – As I am writing this WSCR in Chicago is reporting that the Sox have withdrawn their offer to Johnny Damon.

Looking forward to getting a great season started.  We’ve got one of the three best rotations in the AL, and an overall better defensive team than we did last year.  If Ozzie ball can score some runs, there is no reason to think that this team can’t win the division!