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Dirtbags Win

The Sox beat the Tigers this afternoon with strong outings from Freddy Garcia, J.J. Putz and “gulp” the offensive combination of Juan Pierre, Alexei Ramirez, and Carlos Quentin.

One of the defining features of a not so good team is lack of consistency, and the Sox this year have certainly shown themselves to be inconsistent.

That said, it’s still May, and we are still within ten games of the Twins.  If, if, IF we can get some consistent play from Juan, Alexei, and Carlos to match up with the play we have seen so far this year from Rios, Andruw, and Paulie….this could still be a team that wins the division.

We cannot, however, afford to keep digging a deeper hole.  CAN NOT!


Is it Already 2010.

….I guess I must have fallen asleep.

IMO, hopes should be very high for the Sox heading into the 2010 campaign. 

We’ve got one of the strongest rotations in the American League led by Peavy and Buehrle.

We’ve got a real life leadoff hitter in Juan Pierre

TCQ has not broken or torn anything in the past several months

Beckham had a great ’09, and should only get better in in ’10.

We have some established veteran (and in the case of Omar V. I do mean veteran) presence on the bench in the form of Kotsay, Vizquel, and a renewed Andruw Jones.

Only five days til pitchers and catchers report.  Let’s Go Sox