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The Sox are 0-3 through the first week of spring training.  There may be some basis upon which to be concerned by the results of the first three pre season games of the year, but I don’t see it.

What I prefer to see is that each of our three starters so far (Floyd, Buehrle, and Jackson) have pitched well (two scoreless in each of their outings).  The starters look strong!

The bats will come


All The Right Moves

Kenny Williams and the Sox are doing everything in their power to make a deep run into the playoffs in the 2011 season.

They signed Dunn, they resigned Konerko and AJ, they brought in some bullpen depth, they picked up Ozzie’s option, and now they’ve gone and locked up A.Ram for four years.

The only real question mark heading into the season is Peavy’s health, and with the strength that we have in the rotation without him, that is really a question that only impacts who the 5th starter will be.  Which is not to say that Peavy would be the 5th in the Sox rotation; but with Buehrle, Danks, Floyd, and E Jax, you’ve got pitchers with the talent necessary to fill the one through four spots in your rotation.

It’s February, baby!  Just a few more days until pitchers and catchers report!

Is it Already 2010.

….I guess I must have fallen asleep.

IMO, hopes should be very high for the Sox heading into the 2010 campaign. 

We’ve got one of the strongest rotations in the American League led by Peavy and Buehrle.

We’ve got a real life leadoff hitter in Juan Pierre

TCQ has not broken or torn anything in the past several months

Beckham had a great ’09, and should only get better in in ’10.

We have some established veteran (and in the case of Omar V. I do mean veteran) presence on the bench in the form of Kotsay, Vizquel, and a renewed Andruw Jones.

Only five days til pitchers and catchers report.  Let’s Go Sox

Kazmir v. Buehrle

The way these two pitch, this 2-1 game should be over in about an hour and forty five minutes.  Don’t blink fans!  With the lefty on the mound, Thome sits, Konerko DHs and Betimit plays first.

IMO, the sox are one bad innning from being up 2-0 in this series.  Need to take the advantage tonight.

Let’s Go Sox

Sox 4 – Royals 2

Sox win on the power of a Thome three run homer, and four lockdown innings from Richard, Dotel, and Jenks out of the pen.

You knew we had a chance when the Royals lifted Gil Meche, who had a strong seven innings for Kyle “Gas Can” Farnsworth, and then left him in the game to face Thome!

Buerhle did not have his best stuff, but kept the team in the game through five.

Wise, Ramirez, and Quentin scuffled at the plate, but Fields had a strong game, as did Jimmy.

On to 162-0!