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Joe Nathan

I believe in karma.  I believe that in the great circle of life you will eventually reap what you sow.

As a result I make this post with no intention of gloating about an injury, and in no sense hoping that an injury is as bad as has been reported.

But let me just say, holy crap!  If Nathan is done for the year that is a devastating hit to the Twins chances of competing for the AL central crown this year.  Joe Nathan is their door slammer.  Joe Nathan shortens a game for the Twins every bit as well as Mariano Rivera., and to lose him is massive

That said, we are at the very beginning of a very long season.  The number of currently unknown factors that will affect the AL central race are countless, and these are the Twins after all, a team that never ever quits.

All that said….holy crap!  This could be a huge loss.