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Rain in Baltimore

Sox & Os are waiting out a rain delay as I write.

Important night tonight for Contreras and Ramirez.  Contreras needs to begin to show some endurance beyond the fifth inning as he has not made it past the fifth in either of his two starts this year.

Alexei is struggling at the plate, just as he did early last year.  While his history (short as it is) indicates that he will come out of this, the sooner he does the better, IMO.

Against the Sox tonight is the young right hander Brad Bergesen.  Bergesen scares me if for no other reason than that the Sox have a bad history against young pitchers they’ve never seen before.  Let’s hope they buck that trend tonight.

In other news, the Mike MacDougall era is over, again.  MacDougall was designated for assignment, and the young righthander Jack Egbert was called up.  MacDougall has extraordinary stuff when he can get it over the plate.  Unfortunately he has not been able to do that with any consistency at all.


That’s A White Sox Winner!

Three of four from the Rays, and the team as close to hitting on all cylinders as anyone could reasonably expect.

4/5 of the rotation is pitching well.  The big hitters in the middle are starting to pound the ball, the “small ball” hitters on the ends are getting on base.  The defense even looks strong.

Two worries, Contreras and Ramirez.  Contreras needs to improve his endurance.  He has generally been solid through four to five innings, then things start to unravel quickly for him.

Ramirez can’t hit his weight right now.  He has always been a free swinger, but he is waving at flys up there right now.  The positive is that his defense at short has been as good as advertised, and he has not allowed his offensive problems to affect the defensive side of the ball.

On to Baltimore for three!