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That’s A White Sox Winner!

Three of four from the Rays, and the team as close to hitting on all cylinders as anyone could reasonably expect.

4/5 of the rotation is pitching well.  The big hitters in the middle are starting to pound the ball, the “small ball” hitters on the ends are getting on base.  The defense even looks strong.

Two worries, Contreras and Ramirez.  Contreras needs to improve his endurance.  He has generally been solid through four to five innings, then things start to unravel quickly for him.

Ramirez can’t hit his weight right now.  He has always been a free swinger, but he is waving at flys up there right now.  The positive is that his defense at short has been as good as advertised, and he has not allowed his offensive problems to affect the defensive side of the ball.

On to Baltimore for three!


An Old Fashioned Beat Down

Through four innings, Jose was everything Ozzie could have wanted him to be, no walks, strike out an inning, two hits.  Then came the fifth, and Jose came unglued.  He committed an error, allowed two runs, and opened the floodgates for a nine to nothing beat down.

Ozzie may simply need to recognize that, only eight months after a ruptured achilles, Jose does not have the stamina to go much longer than four.

The other half of the equation on this day was that we committed two errors, and only had four hits.  Even if your starter has his best stuff, you are not going to beat many with those stats.

On to Tampa to face the Rays who are on a two game slide themselves.  Thursday night’s tilt pits Danks against Jeff Niemann, a guy who the Sox lit up for six in their last outing against him.

Let’s do it again boys!