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A Fresh Start

My last entry was July 11!  That’s absurd.  A fresh start as we head into the hot stove league!

Adam Dunn was signed yesterday, as was A.J.  Put Paulie’s name on a new three year deal and all will be right with the offensive/fielding components of the Sox heading into 2011.  Ozzie & Kenny both know how strong the Twinkies are and see the Tigers doing anything but standing pat.  Glad to see that they are making a strong move to compete this coming season.

One caveat on that comment, Adam must, I repeat MUST leave his glove in D.C.  Dude’s a very good left handed bat, but he’s a butcher in the field.

With Morel taking over for Teahen at third and Dayan waiting in the wings behind Paulie, as well as Jared Mitchell and Jordan Danks in the OF things are looking good right about now.

Next thing up is the bullpen.  Gotta put together almost an entirely new crew for 2011.  Thornton, Pena, and perhaps Sale are all we have available to us right now that I have any confidence in.  Still wondering whether we will let Sale start the season in Charlotte and allow him to stretch into a starter.

Still and all with Adam and A.J. in the fold its a strong start to the offseason.


Et Tu’, Bobby?

The most interesting part of the season so far has been the nightly effort to guess which part of the team will conspire to create the loss

Will it be the much vaunted rotation that can’t make it out of the fifth inning?

Will it be the “ozzie ball” offense.  WIth the emphasis on the “o”, as in zero!

Will it be the bullpen.

Well, yesterday it was the bullpen.  After giving us all heart palpitations in his last several outings, Bobby Jenks had a full blown crap of the bed yesterday, and blew a save and then lost the game for the Sox.  It seems to this Sox fan that it may be time to put Santos in the closer’s role.  Bobby seems to have completely lost his edge.

Two monumental games in Minneapolis against the Twins this week, followed by games at KC and then Detroit.  It seems almost foolish to say it on the 10th day of May, but this season could be effectively over for the Sox by the end of this trip…….They’re not going to win the wild card, so the division is their only shot at the post season, in other words these games are crucial!


After a train wreck of an outing Friday night, Bartolo Colon led the Sox to an 8-0 beating of the Twinkies this afternoon.  Everything that went wrong Firday night went right today.

Bartolo gave a strong, strong performance in the start.  The bullpen shut the Twins down.  The bats produced, loudly!  Heck, even Mike MacDougal got someone out.  In fact he got six guys out!

Have to give Ozzie and Mac credit for coming back out there today after an abysmal eight pitch, no strike, one to the backstop performance last night.

As we roll the rotation over to the top tomorrow w/ Buehrle, if the bats are really beginning to warm up, you have to like the teams chances to get itself on a roll.

Also, if Bartolo can give outings of this quality on any sort of a consistent basis, this team can be near the top of the AL Central for the whole of the year!