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Vin Scully

Reports out of Los Angeles are that Vin Scully spent the night in the hospital after he fell and hit his head.  He plans to broadcast the Dodgers Sunday spring training game.

Vin Scully remains the finest baseball broadcaster that I have ever heard.

America needs you, Vin.  Be well!


MLB TV & Vin Scully

The Hitmen are being tempted by the season opening offer of MLB TV at $169 for the year.  Mortgage payments, financial uncertainties, and the scowl of Mrs. Hitmen may over come this temptation, but we shall see.

I did stumble upon the Dodgers Padres game and must say that it was wonderful, truly wonderful, to listen to Vin Scully announce a game.  He has the perfect tone and cadence for a baseball game.  At first I was suprised that he did the game alone, but after a while, I came to realize that there was no need for anyone else.  If there are ballgames played in heaven, they will all be day games played at Comiskey Park, and they will all be announced by Vin Scully.

There have been some good to great announcers for the Sox in my time.  Ken Harrelson is the Sox current announcer, along with Steve Stone.  Harrelson grows on you, and Stone is just a wealth of baseball knowledge.  I loved Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall (they were the announcers of my youth), and Don Drysdale was excellent.

But none of them, none of them, can lay a glove on Vin.